Modular Stacking Event - Hawthorne, CA

Modualr Build_CBH Design_Guerdon_Marriott_Team Photo.JPG

On Tuesday, March 6th, 2018, CBH Design Studio had the exciting opportunity to share with 300 others what we have been up to—the cutting edge design of a modularly built dual-branded Marriott hotel located in Hawthorne, CA. Courtyard and TownePlace Suites (this one is our custom Interiors package; think sophisticated Beach Boys Theme) were showcased by a stacking event put on by Marriott, Guerdon and Mogul Capital. The single guestroom module is made up a two guestrooms and an unfinished corridor. The “pods” are manufactured by Guerdon in Boise, Idaho.  When complete, they are driven to a staging area near the hotel site and shortly thereafter set in place by a crane and a crew of people.  Guests in attendance were given the opportunity to tour the site and view the corridors and rooms for both hotels. In addition, guests were able to view several pods being “set.” This unique event provided information about the process, timeline, lessons learned and more! Biggest lesson for those out there reading: If you’re interested in this type of the “wave of the future” construction method, bring on your Interiors team early in the process!

We are grateful to have worked with such a tremendous team. Thank you to Mogul Capital, AO-Architects Orange, Marriott, Guerdon, ProSet, Lusardi Construction, and our purchasing partners, ANDSA Enterprises! We are looking forward to getting this beautiful hotel open!

Check out our event photos, video and press coverage of the event.